This is an Asian house

I think despite watching a lot of American TV shows as a child, I never understood why in western cultures people do not take their shoes off when entering a house. I even… Continue reading

Living with Love

Love makes you euphoric. Love is intense. Love gets you high. Love is on the same page as you. Love is perfect. Love changes your life. Love makes you the best version of yourself. Love makes you look forward. Love is all you think about. Love is all you care about. Love asks you to co-habilitate. You can’t say no to Love so you say yes.

Saying Goodbye

These were the first pair of shoes I loved wearing. I loved them so much, I wore them when I was 14 all the way through to 18. I was a 90s grunge fest. The time I realised I had to let them go was when the boss of the bar & restaurant I worked at looked at them one day and said I could boil them.

This is Now

But for now, you have me. And I will be a good human being as much as I can. So don’t be scared, it’s mostly not you.

How I Feed Hungry Housemates

I haven’t become a fantastic home-cook, but I did learn a few important techniques, and picked up some simple recipes that go a long way. Since living with my boyfriend and our mutual guy friend, I knew I had to up my game by a lot if I could ever be accredited as a good housemate.

Why you’ve never fitted in

You prayed alongside them, and hoped that by the mercy of God, He would somehow make you part of his family. You were a poor student, the report cards said so. You did that to yourself with your short attention span, your terrible penmanship, when you didn’t complete your homework, and had to stand outside the class for periods on end. You didn’t know what was going on in class, because your teacher didn’t want you there, if you were lucky you could stand somewhere non-obtrusive within the classroom.

The Design Contest Paradox

This is just how things are for a student. All work you do that isn’t good enough for someone else is immediately categorised into a learning experience, or a building block in your portfolio. Getting design work done for free is simple if you know how to exploit highly motivated undergrads.

Twitter users I’m probably too old to follow

I guess we all grow out of some things social media invites, but I keep my account because of the same reasons we don’t just delete our Facebook accounts or ‘friends’ just because there are a couple of people that make you question humanity. The Internet is part of our lives now (unless you’ve been living under a rock that has no reception or phone lines)…

The Pilot


No, not really. Hi, I’m Natalie.

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